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Privacy Policy

Ezoic will automatically generate a Privacy Policy page for your website. The information provided below will be displayed to your users when visiting the privacy policy page for your website. Don’t enter anything you don’t want displayed publicly on your privacy page.

You can use your own privacy policy if you prefer by entering the url for your privacy policy into the Privacy App. Your privacy policy should either contain a link to the Ezoic generated policy or contain a placeholder where Ezoic can embed the privacy policy. The Ezoic generated policy can be found at or at for http. If you prefer to use an embedded policy, include the following html snippet on your privacy policy page.

<span id="ezoic-privacy-policy-embed"></span>

To be CCPA compliant, If you have your own privacy policy page, you must include the following link in your page by July 1, 2020:

error: Content is protected !!